i swear they hold raves in their tags.


i swear they hold raves in their tags.


Order a copy of my fanbook ‘A Song of Blood and Knives’!

I now have my books in stock. Overall they have 52 pages, 20 which are devoted to my comic, 4 pages being a little work process demonstration of the cover image and the rest being Illustrations. The books were made with thick quality paper and the binding is pretty durable. They’ll all come with a little extra as well~

Price per book (all prices have shipping INCLUDED)

Worldwide (US, Asia etc): 19$
Europe: 17$

For 1$ extra I will sign your book and draw a little chibi Ramsay or Reek into it (or whatever else you’d like).

Payment with Paypal to

Don’t forget to pay the fees yourself. Please make sure that the shipping address on your paypal account is correct or specify where I should ship to in the comment section or with a private message. Also if you buy a book with signature, specify which character you want, either over paypal or with a message here.

Additional Information
I have 80 copies at hand, but I can always print another batch if I sell out, so please don’t flood me with messages that you can’t buy one now, but would want me to put one aside for you. I wont put any on reserve, but either way you shouldn’t worry, you’ll most likely end up with a copy anyway. :3

there’s so much lovely eccc stuff but i can’t stop obsessing over the fact

karl urban called michael ealy just “mike”

I think Dorian’s humanity tends to bring out the better side of [John]. He won’t admit that. It means he might like me at that point.

this movie is intense and soul wrenching but here have some adorable karl urban eating and wearing teeny tiny shorts

Almost Human Survey


If you’ve already signed up to the Fox Viewer Panel, all you have to do is sign in (your email address is your username). It won’t be obvious once you hit the Member Info and go into My Surveys, but there’s a link:”FOX Needs Your Help”.

It’ll first ask you about American Idol. Say no unless you want to spend time talking about American Idol. It will look as if that’s the end of the survey but it isn’t. You should be able to click a link again and it’ll automatically ask about Almost Human. It’s a bit of a long survey but please answer every single question and finish! 

Here’s the chance for us non-Nielsen Viewers to really get our voice heard!

For those not in the US, just fake it! ;)


My ship sails faster and faster with every episode of this damn show…

you scanned my balls and exposed yourself to me

When in Finland… (x)

When in Finland… (x)